What Up, Yo? I’m Back.

After a year and a half break, I’m back in the blogging world. I’ve emerged from the dark caves of my mind going back and forth trying to decide if…


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Yes, you CAN have what you want

  It just takes a lot of work—and [depending on situation] time. But mainly, you have to stop settling. What hurts my heart the most is seeing people settle—with jobs,…


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What To Eat Before And After A Workout

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This soap is GOOD

Literally… this is good soap! Ok, I’m done with the puns. Follow my blog with Bloglovin Last summer, Jason and I were in Whole Foods in Buckhead checking out the…


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Beauty Rest Essentials

11 Foods I Can’t Leave The Grocery Store …

We’re Engaged! Here’s The Story

I can’t believe this is real life! What a dream come true. On Saturday March 18th, my best friend asked me to spend the rest of my life with him…