11 Foods I Can’t Leave The Grocery Store Without

Growing up, I always would go grocery shopping with my dad. He’d make a list, ask my mom and me what he thought we needed in addition to the real necessities, and when we’d go to the grocery store we only got what was on the list.  If there was something I wanted randomly walking down an aisle, my dad would ask me, “is it on the list?” If it wasn’t, we didn’t get it. It’s safe to say that system was fully engrained into my mentally as I’m a big believer of going to the grocery store with a list, and… you guessed it! sticking to it.

It’s actually a solid concept to drive discipline, and you’d be amazed at the money you’ll save if you try this method! Moving on, I thought I’d share the top 11 foods that make a cameo on my grocery list almost weekly!

Berries—blueberries and strawberries, specifically
I wash them, cut them up, put them in a bowl in the refrigerator and instantly have an easy, healthy snack to access.

Romaine Lettuce
I only eat romaine (sometimes spinach) for when I make salads at home. Romaine is super nutritious and I love the crunchy texture. I add my berries, sliced almonds, feta cheese, and honey mustard dressing for a winning combo!

Sliced almonds
For my salads! I don’t usually eat them alone.

Almond Milk
I’m not a fan of dairy milk, so my non-dairy go-to is Silk almond milk. I don’t drink milk by itself, but I use it for cereal and my iced coffee. And cooking needs! Like for oatmeal, protein pancakes, chia seed pudding…

Basmati Rice
I was raised on this heavenly stuff! The best rice on the planet. So fragrant, so flavorful, and super easy to make thanks to Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice! I use these bags if I’m too lazy (just being honest) to cook the rice from scratch. I love making meatballs at home, so I mix the rice with the meatballs for a meal!

Chameleon Cold Brew
Just a guilty pleasure. I get the mocha cold-brew that’s in the refrigerated coffee section. Pour over ice, add a splash of almond milk—ahhhh sooo good! I’m addicted.

Cage Free Eggs
Every Saturday morning I make a big breakfast for us! I make eggs and bacon, Jason has a bagel, and I’ll have a tortilla. I also use eggs to make mini egg frittatas in the oven for easy to-go breakfast.

Turkey + Beef
I use these two meats to make meatballs. I use half turkey and half 80/20 beef mixture so I get the juiciness and flavor from the beef, but keep it somewhat lean with the turkey! Mix with rice, and boom—best meal ever.

Sliced Bell Peppers
I add these to the egg frittata muffins and also when I sautee red potatoes!

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A great go-to snack for after a workout! Full of potassium to help muscles recover.

Red Potatoes
I like to bake and then sautee these with bell pepper and garlic to eat with my meatball dinners and breakfasts! And I always eat them with ketchup–it just is what it is.

Oh and a pro-tip—don’t go to the grocery store hungry! Eat something first or grab a snack before you go. I shop at Whole Foods and Publix, depending on what I need and where I am at the time. At Whole Foods, I’ll grab a bite there sometimes while I shop (the food is sooo good.)

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