My Action Plan for 2018


May or may not be doing this for my own mental clarity… but why not share it with you, too!

I was on Pinterest searching various laser treatments for the skin, facials, etc. and I came across my potentially new favorite blog that’s all about mindfulness, body, and spirit.

Anything that speaks on motivation, self-help, productivity, goals, organization, efficiency, etc. is right up my alley. And this post breaks down how to create goals and an action plan that doesn’t overwhelm you.

I think it’s so helpful to break down exactly what you need to do and organize everything months in advance!

This post inspired me to dissect what the rest of 2017 and going into 2018 looks like for me. I’m in the thick of wedding planning and preparing to move, so that’s what the bulk of my action plan in!


NOVEMBER: Work out / self-care

Barry’s Bootcamp 2-3 times a week or more

Start getting facials/massages

Clean out garage and sell furniture

DECEMBER: Wedding decisions

Keep working out!!!

Bridal shower

Make wedding decor decisions

Holidays/travel for Christmas


Pack up apartment

Move out of apartment

Donate things I don’t need

Get marriage license

FEBRUARY: Get married

Fly to Mexico

Get married!

This is just a brief snapshot without going into the dirty details of every week, but it’s SO helpful to get organized and visually see the big goals for each month!

What does the end of the year look like for you??

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