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Catching zzz’s should be as easy as 1-2-3… but it’s not always like that! I typically sleep very well, but occasionally I have those nights where I can’t settle down. Let me start by saying one of the most important aspects of health is getting good sleep! The kind of sleep where you wake up the next morning feeling rested and full of energy—aka—not groggy and even more exhausted than when you were asleep. Because I love my sleep so much, I wanted to share my beauty rest essentials for you to try the next time you want to catch some good zzz’s! (as in, tonight—duh.)

Sleep Mask

For Christmas, my boyfriend gave me a PJ set from Victoria’s Secret that came with a sleep mask. I’d never used a sleep mask before, but figured since I now had one I might as well try it, ya know? So I tried the sleep mask and it was the best sleep ever!  Seriously, who knew it would make such a difference?! The mask that came with my PJ’s is cotton—which is great and totally comfy. But, my sleep game is important and so is my skin, so I got this sleep mask from Slip that is made of silk—this way I can get that perfect pitch black sleep environment while also keeping my skin healthy and youthful (no wrinkles, yes please.) It’s definitely worth the investment—&& who doesn’t look the feel of cool, soft silk on your skin? I need them in all colors… especially this red one!


Epsom Salt

Quick backstory on this one—I had the worst migraine of my life about a month ago. I honestly felt like my brain was going to erupt, I was nauseous, and was balling my eyes out it was so painful. My sugar pie of a fiance decided to run an Epsom salt bath for me as he researched and found out the magnesium in the salt helps relieve migraines. Literally within 15minutes of sitting in the bath, all the pain was gone. It was the most miraculous thing ever! So after that experience, I took the power of Epsom salt a lot more seriously. I got a 5lb bag of EpsomSport Soak salt from SF Salt Co. to start using more frequently to relax, rewind, and relieve all pain—physical and mental. What’s even better? They make salt with real lavender, so the kind I have smells so strongly of lavender which is known to promote and enhance relaxation! I’m obsessed.


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The BEST Pillowcase Ever

Skin + sleep—my two most favorite areas of my life to invest and take care of. And one thing that can ruin both is your pillowcase—not all pillowcases are the same! The pillowcase I use is also from Slip. It’s made of silk, just like the sleep mask! Cotton is known is scratch and pull the delicate skin on our face, which results in premature stretching (aka wrinkles—no thanks) and sleep-creases. Silk allows the skin to glide along the pillow without being pulled or stretched! These are also the best for controlling bed head hair (cowlicks are the worst) and silk is natural, so it’s perfect if you have any allergies. I don’t think I can ever go back to cotton—guilty as charged. I want them in all the colors!


CALM tea

I’ve been using this powder for years! So CALM is a magnesium supplement flavored powder you mix with warm water and take before you go to sleep. You can take it anytime, actually—but it’s created to calm and relax you. The blends of vitamins in the powder promote the most restful sleep, and the powder tastes delicious, too! So it’s so relaxing and enjoyable to drink. If you have insomnia or any trouble falling asleep—give this natural remedy a try! I promise it’s so good!

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