The Coolest Summer Snack: Mini Cucumber Sandwiches

Hear me out, guys.
Cucumber is IN.

It might sound a little strange at first—especially if you’re like me and think cucumber only belongs on your eyes at the spa.

But a couple weeks ago I went to this chill poolside yoga event and one of the snacks there was mini cucumber sandwiches.

I came hungry, and a girl has got to eat, so I put like 5 on a plate and went in. 

Of course, I couldn’t leave without knowing how to make these tiny little wonder bites of a sandwich. They are perfect for parties, an easy, healthy pool snack, bridal showers, baby showers, or even to keep at the office for when that 3 pm hunger strikes.

If you have a party coming up, add these on the menu ASAP!

Here’s how they’re made:

  • Mix 1 8oz tub cream cheese with Penzeys Italian dressing base
  • Spread mixture on two slices of bread
  • Thinly slice cucumber and layer between slices of bread
  • Quarter cut them into cute triangles
  • Layer on a serving platter and share!

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