Current Workout Situation + Yoga Vibes

Attempting to do acro yoga with Jenny from Highland Yoga. Consider this my “before” picture – HA

Ok. My goal here as always with FS2S is to keep it real, share valuable tips + tricks, the latest in wellness, fitness, beauty, current favorites, recipes, yoga, etc.

Well, today is a keep it real day because I’ve only worked out maybe four times since the love of my got down on one knee.

That’s 4 times since March.

It’s half-way through May.


REAL TALK: I used to be a 6-7 day a week exerciser, but tbh lately I just haven’t had the usual drive. I’ve been pushing through some mental roadblocks with a generous sprinkle of anxiety/depression. And when those feelings come, it’s hard to find motivation to do other things! The thing about a person with anxiety/depression is (at least for me) you know the rational side of things, you’re aware of how you “should” think and channel the thoughts you have into positivity. But even though the awareness is there, it’s very hard to control how you still feel. It’s confusing. It’s frustrating. BTW–I tend to come back quickly and with the encouragement, support + love from my fiance who knows what it’s like, it’s manageable. Supportive friends + family are the best (and fish oil—helps so much!)

Back to working out though.

I’ve been watching friends of mine grow in their yoga journies, so I got inspired to join Highland Yoga! I tried yoga when I was in LA earlier this year and it was HARD. How people can move their bodies is insane—and I’m jealous of that( not going to lie) because yoga takes STRENGTH. Being able to support your body with your own body is not as easy as it looks. Yoga is not just meditation and stretching. Side planks will be the death of me, but I’m determined to get this pose down!

When we’re in class I feel vulnerable as all get out. My balance isn’t great, my muscles are tight, I can’t do many advanced poses, I look around at other people too much—but that’s OKAY. It’s a part of the journey and it’s going to be a blast experiencing the strength and transformation that comes! My goal is to go to class 3 times a week—doable, right? Plus I have a wedding coming up so I need to get this whip back in shape. Stat.

And can we talk about how cute these yoga leggings are?!

I want to be able to move + bend my body and flow through the different poses. I want to be able to hold a headstand. I want to be able to fold over and bring my nose to my knees without my hamstrings feeling like their going to rip (anyone with me ???)

Last thing about yoga—it takes serious mindfulness and concentration. The moment you let your mind wander or focus on someone else, you’re done. 

It really makes your body AND mind STRONG. The mantras + quotes the instructors share are so loving and encouraging. If you’re in Atlanta + want to try yoga, Highland Yoga offers 30 days of UNLIMITED yoga for $30, like, you can’t beat that intro deal!

So since I’m a yogi newb, what are your favorite yoga accessories, mats, etc? I need to know all your favorites so I can try them! And share if you’re a serious yogi, how long you’ve been practicing, favorite poses, etc. xoxo

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