Let’s talk REAL health


Let’s talk health for a second. Like, legit HEALTH.

A couple weeks ago I went to a women’s specialist (love my doctor Sherry) just for a check up. While I was there, they asked if I wanted to a wellness panel that included drawing hella blood and checking to see if everything on the inside was working properly.

I’ve only had blood drawn like 1 time in my life in college for a virus screening—nothing big. I could never get taken blood drawn before college because I was always “underweight” so that’s the main reason I’ve never had blood drawn.

And, if I’m totally honest, I’ve always been that person who said “Nah. I feel fine. I look fine. Nothing is wrong with me. I’m good. Hold your needles. ✋”

But something this time was telling me I should get the whip (aka, my body) checked out. Maybe it’s because I’m getting married + within the next few years (God-willing) we will start a family. My primal instincts are kicking in for my future family + I need to be prime time. 😂

Seriously though, I’m glad I decided to have the wellness check done. Because I got a call from my doctor yesterday saying a blood test they ran came back abnormal. After speaking with my dad about it, I learned that I could have a hereditary liver disease that my dad also has. Thankfully, this condition he has is benign + totally manageable! But what I eat, stress levels, strenuous activity, etc. can impact it, so even though it’s a harmless disease, it’s still so important to be aware + learn about it.

So based on that and what the nurse said about my blood results, I think that’s what it is! I had to go back today to get a second blood draw so they can test further and refer me to a specialist if needed. My dad told me what I’m experiencing is the exact same way he found out about his liver condition. I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree 😂 But I’m going to be completely fine, nothing (so far) is seriously wrong or life threatening! But this is a wake up call and has taught me to not pass up yearly wellness checks.

Thankfully, I have been blessed with good health. I’ve never had a major medical problem. I’ve never broken a bone. I’ve never had a major surgery (except for when stuck chalk up my nose as a toddler + couldn’t breathe and had to go into emergency surgery, lol.) And maybe it’s because of this good fortune that I’ve taken my true health for granted.

But long story short, if you are stubborn like me and think you’re fine—you actually might not be. How do you know what’s going on internally, even on the chemical level, if you don’t get it checked out?

If you haven’t had a physical in a while or a blood test lately, do your body + life a favor and schedule one.

Working out, being into “fitness”, and eating healthy is great and strongly recommended, but you never truly know what could be underlying. ♥️

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  1. April 13, 2017 / 5:27 pm

    I hope you recover from the abnormal blood condition soon, babe! Health is something most of us overlook because subconsciously we think we know ourselves more than we really do. Thanks for reminding me to focus on my health but at the same time go in for regular health checkups. X

    • elizabeth
      April 28, 2017 / 2:58 pm

      Thanks girl! Yes check ups are so important. xo

  2. April 14, 2017 / 2:47 pm

    Happy to hear that you decided to complete the wellness test! Taking care of our bodies is so important and being willing to learn how to best care for them is key. Great post! Keep on being fabulous. =)

    • elizabeth
      April 28, 2017 / 2:59 pm

      They’re going to be an annual thing for me now for sure xoxo

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