The Secret To A Glowing, Even Complexion


Does anyone here have hyperpigmentation or melasma like I do?

When I get really tan in the summer, I can look like I have a little mustache or white circles under my eyes (like a reverse raccoon?) because of where my hyperpigmentation is. The white circle illusion under my eyes makes me look tired, sunken in, or like I’ve been wearing sunglasses at the beach for 8 hrs. It’s really frustrating and not so cute, you know?

So as soon as I read up on this Lapis Facial Oil and Blue Tansy AHA + BHA Resurfacing Clarity Mask from Herbivore Botanicals and how they can help even out skin, I HAD to try it. I’m always going to be the first in line to try a new skincare product, and I’m happy to be a guinea pig for all of us.

Fun Fact: Lapis Lazuli, a favorite stone of ancient Egypt, is known for its gorgeous deep blue color. Lapis Facial Oil is named for the precious blue oil it contains, Blue Tansy. This oil holds a component called Azulene which acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial that aids in reducing redness and clarifying the complexion. Formulated for combination, oily, and blemish-prone skin types or any skin in need of relief from inflammation. [via]

But facial oil for oily skin? Here’s the real deal:

Often times when we over-wash our skin and do not moisturize thoroughly, it overcompensates by producing more oil and sebum leading to oilier skin and clogged pores. Our facial oils are made with 100% natural and pure plant oils that will thoroughly hydrate your skin without clogging pores so that it can stop producing excess oil and find the balance it needs. In short, yes, oily skin needs moisture too and is often dehydrated, leading to dry patches and the overcompensation of oil and sebum. [via]

The Blue Tansy AHA + BHA Resurfacing Clarity Mask is a truly natural clarifying and cooling gel mask that gently exfoliates, smooths, and resurfaces skin. This in combination with the Lapis Facial Oil is a winning combination to even skin tone, resurface and reduce hyperpigmentation, and balance the skin.

And the good news is that it’s 100% all natural ingredients created by a couple in Seattle. Love that!

“Truly Natural. Everything we create contains the finest all-natural ingredients, with an emphasis on ingredients that are plant-based, organic, and food-grade. Each ingredient is included for a therapeutic reason. No animal testing is conducted on our products or ingredients. All of our oils are cold-pressed or steam distilled. These are the best extraction methods available and lead to premium quality oils. All products are made in small batches in the USA.”

If you want to keep your skin balanced, even, and moisturized this summer (or all year round, honestly) then I highly recommend trying these two products together. They feel and smell so good, but most importantly, they’re natural and they WORK!


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