Staycation Recap: Relax + Recover at Loews Atlanta + Exhale Spa

If I’m not working out at a fitness studio, in the office working, watching Dateline NBC with my fiance, or going out for dinner with my girlfriends, you can find me relaxing and taking care of my body and skin. I’m obsessed with self-care—from face masks, deep tissue massages, chiropractor check-ins, to reading a good book or meditating, I’m all about it. 

One of my favorite spots to just chill and do my own thing is Loews Atlanta. Mark Castriota, General Manager of Loews Atlanta, is one of the most accommodating professionals you could ever meet. His love for hospitality definitely trickles down into the rest of the team at Loews Atlanta, because my experience there has been nothing but spectacular. How cute is this welcome fruit + water!

My FAVORITE part of staying at Loews Atlanta (besides all the things, duh) is the concierge texting service—yes, they text you when you arrive and you can contact them at any time if you need assistance. I was in the Chill Yoga class at Exhale Spa + Fitness (located on level 7 at Loews Atlanta) and needed to change my dinner reservation at Saltwood from 8 to 8:30—I literally texted my dedicated concierge and they made that change. So efficient! Because who has time to call front desk anymore? Also, super important, they offer complimentary car service and will take you anywhere your heart desires within a 3mile radius of the hotel in a Mercedes GL450. They are literally at your service.

Loews Atlanta is the perfect spot for a staycation, too, if you’re local to Atlanta. Even just for one night… do it. So worth it. 

After I checked into my room, I changed real quick and went to level 7 to Exhale Spa to do the super Chill Yoga class—this yoga was different than any I’ve ever done before because it was maaaaaajor tension relief focused. We meditated and did a relaxing flow, but instructor Stephanie also gave us tennis balls to pinpoint the fascia and deep tissue where our bodies like to hold a lot of stress. Much needed.

Dinner at Saltwood Charcuterie & Bar

Yoga wasn’t enough and the night was young, so Jason met me for dinner at Saltwood and we had the most delicious dinner!

Saltwood Charcuterie & Bar offers a high quality, but casual dining concept named for the menu’s emphasis on salted, cured meats and classically rustic presentation on wood blocks. You can even ask to be seated at the charcuterie station and watch award-winning chefs hand carve meats—so chic.

We started with the empanadas as our appetizer, because they’re my favorite. Ever. I ordered the hanger steak with chimichurri sauce and garlic potato frites (aka, fries). Jason had to be a touch fancier and ordered the scallops with a side of cauliflower soup—he’s the best and totally shared his soup with me, as if my meal wasn’t enough. Because I’m a fan of bubbly, I ordered a brut to drink it all down.

The next morning I did a 7:15am the power flow yoga class—OMG. Intense.

The flow was real and was such a great sweat. Exhale Spa also offers a new HIIT 30 workout class that is a non-stop, high-intensity class for us who want to get a fat-blasting workout in just 30minutes! I need to try that one, ASAP.

I’m a huge proponent of taking care of the muscles and tendons in our bodies. Working out hard is great and everything, but we have to nurture our muscles and keep them from getting tight and full of lactic acid (the stuff that builds up in our muscles after a workout and leaves us so sore for days). After power yoga, I went to the locker room to get ready for my spa treatments.

Spa treatments at Exhale Spa: Our wedding is coming up soon, so my skincare regiment is in full force.

I got a True Facial with an Extraction and also upgraded to get the cool beam laser, which helps even skin, reduce hyperpigmentation, and exfoliates deeply to help the skin produce more collagen. It was $90 for the laser upgrade, but you can never invest too much in your skin. I also have melasma on my upper lip that looks like a brown mustache when I get sun, and it’s also underneath my eyes, so yeah—need to get that situation taken care of.

I finished my spa moment with a deep tissue massage. Massages that feel like the masseuse is just rubbing lotion on my skin really irritate me. Like, I can do that myself. I’ve learned to ask for deep tissue massages to ensure I get the release I need. I have scar tissue built up underneath my right shoulder blade due to an injury, and deep tissue massage is perfect for breaking up knots and scar tissue. The masseuse paid so much attention to my needs and really helps relaxed my stress areas.

And I had lunch at Saltwood because I had to try the Hot Mess burger (it was amazing. Thank you, Chef Olivier)

If you’re in need of a chill staycation to switch up your scenery for a night, or if you’re in town visiting Atlanta—you’ll feel at home and taken care of at Loews Atlanta.

Make sure to check out current specials at Loews Atlanta below + book your stay!

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